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Why Shamanic Healing?

Three years ago I began professional training in shamanic healing. Initially, I was drawn to participate in the training because of the value I had received as a client of shamanic healing since 2014, as well as my experience participating in my teacher’s monthly gathering of groups of folks as she encouraged us to become […]

5-Minute Handwork Practice

This Self-Care Tip Helps Remove the Root of Disease: 5 minute handwork practice for liberating stagnant qi As a practitioner of traditional Japanese acupuncture, I pay attention to the patient’s abdomen as part of diagnosis and treatment at each visit. Patients who have been intrigued by this and are invested in optimizing their health have […]

Acupuncture Connects Us to Our Heart

My first acupuncturist taught me that the heart only says “yes.” In his book on the ancient cosmology and theory of the five elements and acupuncture, Nourishing Destiny, Lonny Jarrett explores the rich meaning of points like “Spirit Seal,” “Spirit Storehouse,” & “Spirit Burial Ground.” I met Lonny in a workshop I took while deciding […]

Why I Use Acupuncture

I went to Kansas City last week to receive acupuncture.  Why would I go all the way to KC for acupuncture?  Why not treat myself ?  And why did I need acupuncture, anyway?  It wasn’t a symptom that motivated me to schedule time with my acupuncturist.  It was simply a knowing that it was “time.”  […]

Tips for Strengthening Libido

Tips for strengthening libido A sudden drop in libido can cause anyone anxiety and worry.  However, this is quite common and there are things you can do about it.  If you have talked with your gynecologist or urologist and do not have a diagnosed condition that could be causing this sudden change, these tips might […]

Why I Decided to Study Acupuncture

While attending an annual meeting of the Acupuncture Association of Missouri (AAM) in Kansas City, visiting and discussing with colleagues from around the state, I was reminded of my days in acupuncture school. At that time, the school was located halfway between Washington, DC and Baltimore. Treating inmates in the Baltimore jail was an essential […]

Go Outdoors! Nature As Your Doctor

There are a variety of skills and resources we can use in removing blocks to creativity. Spending time in nature is one of them.  Nature is obviously inspiring in its great beauty.  It is also essential for us to have access to fresh air and experience a connection to the natural environment that we easily […]

Ghee Recipe

Preparation time: About 20 minutes (depending on range top and cooking pot) What you need: 1lb of unsalted organic butter, heavy medium-sized pot, fine tea strainer OR cheesecloth and any strainer, 2 cup glass jar with a tight lid. Directions: Place butter in a heavy, medium sized pot on the smallest burner of range-top. Turn on the […]

Simple Poached Pear Recipe for Mucous, Cough, and Digestion

Both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda suggest eating warm, cooked, moist foods that incorporate warming spices and nourishing oils to prevent or alleviate symptoms of imbalance that occur within this season. This recipe can be nice to incorporate into your morning, especially to give the digestive process a break and a boost during the holidays. Warm […]

Ayurvedic Ghee for Health & Longevity

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is a wonderful substance valued in the Ayurveda tradition from India. It is used to enhance digestion and absorption of vital nutrients and healing properties of foods, spices and herbal medicine. In Ayurveda, ghee builds ojas, the foundation of our immunity and longevity. While butter provides essential nutrients and […]