Ghee Recipe

Preparation time: About 20 minutes (depending on range top and cooking pot)

What you need: 1lb of unsalted organic butter, heavy medium-sized pot, fine tea strainer OR cheesecloth and any strainer, 2 cup glass jar with a tight lid.


Place butter in a heavy, medium sized pot on the smallest burner of range-top.

Turn on the heat to medium-high and wait for the butter to melt and come to a full boil.

Turn down heat to medium-low simmer. Set a kitchen timer to 11 minutes. Do not cover the pot.

The ghee will begin to foam and sputter for a while and gradually calm down. It is not necessary to stir or skim off the foam at this point. The ghee will continue to separate the milk solids from the oil, and evaporate the water.

Between 11 and 15 minutes the crackling and sputtering become quieter, the ghee will begin to smell like popcorn and turn a lovely golden color.

Part through the top layer of foam. When you can see clearly to the bottom of the pot where the lightly tan curds have collected, the ghee is ready. Take it off the heat immediately, for the ghee is most likely to burn quickly at this stage. Burned ghee has a nutty smell and a dull brownish color. The cooking time ranges from 11-20 minutes, depending on the kind of pot and the heat source.

Allow to cool until safe to handle. but still liquid. Pour through a fine sieve or layers of cheesecloth into your storage container. You may discard the foam and curds, or add it to your dog’s food bowl.

Ghee will solidify at room temperature or cooler. It can be kept on the kitchen shelf, covered. Don’t ladle out the ghee with a wet spoon or allow any water to get into the container, as this will create conditions for bacteria to grow and spoil the ghee.

Lindsay is an Ayurveda educator and consultant. She is happy to answer your ghee related questions.

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