Shamanic Healing

In 2024 I added shamanic healing to my services after completing a three-year professional training in shamanic healing practices. My acupuncture services will remain unchanged and those pursuing shamanic healing with me may use these services as either a complement or alternative to acupuncture.

Sessions are designed to maximize each client’s safety in respect to their boundaries. Shamanic healing can be used as a tool to facilitate clients healing on their own or with other practitioners or modalities. This form of healing supports a deeper connection with inner resources to shift patterns in relationships, emotional challenges, and to access new or larger perspectives for addressing those difficulties. Some clients may choose to work with a shamanic practitioner regularly or just for a handful of sessions.

Journeys may be taken by the practitioner as the client relaxes, or may be taken by the client with facilitation by the practitioner. Cord-cutting is a type of journey that focuses on disentangling relationship dynamics that have become problematic. This practice can support the thriving of valued relationships, the ease and improvement of a work relationship, or the actual termination of a relationship that may have ended years ago yet continues to pull on the awareness of energy of the client. The practitioner may facilitate the client to engage their own journey in discerning the presence of energetic cords between themself and other; perceive why and how those connections were made; grasp the difference to be experienced with the ending of these entanglements; and an understanding of how to avoid the creation of such entanglements in the future. Disentangling connections with others supports each person’s sovereignty or authentic personal power and clarity around their boundaries, intentions and desires for the relationship.

Curse Unravleing
Another form of energetic entanglement is referred to as a curse which could be created by someone wanting to influence you. These are energetic structures that we may have incurred through incidents as common as “road rage”, for example, other impersonal entanglements that involve groups that we identify with. Separating the client from these forms of energetic “stuckness” can result in return of Life Force, or vitality, as well as clarity about feelings or impressions that may come to be understood as the result of a former unconscious entanglement, or curse, and less like a weakness or problem that we have to solve on our own.

Ritual and Partnering with the Natural World
Another form of shamanic work included in shamanic practice assists us in developing conscious relationships with the natural world – our environments – personally in our homes and offices, and with our communities and the planet. We can create partnerships with the natural world through the use of ritual. These support our health, the vitality of the world around us, and our relationship with the world -physically and spiritually. Our approach to ritual will vary with our intention, our awareness, the scope of time and place that we choose to engage. Ritual can be for one, or for a community. Shamanic practice aids in an awareness of how to use ritual as a technology of healing.

Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval
Life Force is often lost at times of trauma, or in response to managing difficult relationships or challenges as we limit ourselves in ways that seem to make it easier to accommodate people, contexts, challenges (referred to as soul loss and power loss). These choices to limit ourselves may have been necessary at some point, but later, we feel tired, or uncreative, or have lost a sense of who we are. We do not remember how or when these losses occurred. Shamanic practices can help us re-discover and re-integrate lost parts of ourselves (i.e. soul retrieval) or assist us in gaining the power to connect more easily and intentionally with the spirit realm (power retrieval). These energies are essential to our sense of who we are and what we have the power to do; our ability to connect personally with spiritual wisdom; or even our ability to heal our physical bodies.

Unlike my acupuncture practice scheduling is not available online. Let’s have a 15 minute chat by phone first: 573-424-6108. Shamanic healing sessions are not scheduled online and are only available outside of my acupuncture scheduling calendar. Intake forms for my shamanic healing practices are different from those required for my acupuncture clients. You can view the intake forms here.

Sessions for shamanic healing practice are for an hour and a half.  The fee for each session is $150.  Sessions may be in-person at my office or online via zoom.  

I completed a professional three-year training in shamanic healing practices in May of 2024 with Susan Feathers of Fearless Flame Healing. I continue to receive mentoring for my shamanic practice.

Several folks have asked if psychedelics would be used as part of my practice. While mind-altering substances may offer therapeutic benefits or spiritual experiences, I have no training in guiding the use of these and they are excluded from my practice. I expect clients to arrive sober. The benefit of working without substances, of course, is that the benefit of the journey is integrated and available to work within ordinary consciousness. This clarity is especially helpful if insights were accessed that might best be then taken to a psychotherapist, for example, as material to work on, or even used for your own personal reflection as new awareness, intentions, and practices for tending or healing relationships or moving forward in career or creative projects, for example.

I invite you to contact me by phone or email to see if shamanic healing with me is a good choice for you at this time. Please call me at 573-424-6108 or reach me at Please allow 48 hours for my reply. Most replies are made within a day.

This is life-work and the results of shamanic healing may be recognized immediately, or integration may take days, weeks, or months to integrate, just as it does with acupuncture, psychotherapy, physical therapy, personal training and other methods for improving health and addressing symptoms.

Your session will include input on how best to integrate the effects of your shamanic healing most easily and with the deepest impact. The need for further sessions with me or another practitioner can be discussed at the time of your session. Some clients may want to return soon for another session, while others may wait weeks or months before seeking another session. The results of the session may aid you in working with greater clarity and depth with a psychologist or practitioner in another modality.

Both acupuncture and shamanic healing:

  • Encompass a large array of ancient practices.
  • Have been practiced globally for millennia.
  • Can be used to complement other healing methods (such as western medicine, psychotherapy, and even each other!) as well as stand-alone methods.
  • Optimize your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Empower you with tools to use on your own
  • Can be a resource you come back to periodically or access ongoingly
  • Focus on one particular concern or can be used more broadly to improve well-being
  • Do not require herbs or pharmaceuticals (I do not use any substances in my practice)