Why I Use Acupuncture

I went to Kansas City last week to receive acupuncture.  Why would I go all the way to KC for acupuncture?  Why not treat myself ?  And why did I need acupuncture, anyway?  It wasn’t a symptom that motivated me to schedule time with my acupuncturist.  It was simply a knowing that it was “time.”   After receiving treatment for many years, patients tend to know when it’s time for them to receive acupuncture even without the presence of a complaint.  We sense the value of the kind of support that acupuncture can provide.
Perhaps centering and grounding are what is needed to enable one’s true inner knowing to arise.  Maybe a longing to release stagnation that obstructs your way to effective action is what you desire.  Or maybe you yearn for the cultivation of deeper insight and clarity.  A skilled acupuncturist knows how to inquire, how to touch, and how to listen to the patient’s words and body in a way that directs her treatment to create these possibilities.
I love seeing Jennifer, my acupuncturist in Kansas City.  She listens to my concerns with great compassion listening for clues about where qi could be flowing more freely in my body, mind, and spirit.  Using the lens of acupuncture energetics and theory, she plans a treatment that responds to my emotional tone, my observations about the body, and the questions that arise in our interaction.  Overtime, Jennifer has come to understand my stories, and the places where I tend to get stuck.  She listens for what I may be asking for though unable to to clearly name.
Good treatment will help you feel more like your best self.  With experience you will sense when you need a treatment.  Many of my patients choose treatment every four to six weeks, while others like to schedule their treatments at the four seasonal transitions of the year.  Others, just “know.”  Consider acupuncture a resource, not only for resolving symptoms, but for optimizing your well-being.