The Earth Element: Pivots and Transformations

As with the other elements, Earth is associated with organs (stomach and spleen), meridians, and a time of the year. While the other elements are associated with specific seasons of the year (Fire with summer, Metal with fall, Water with winter, and Wood with spring), Earth is usually associated with the end of summer, the […]

Use Your Bubbling Spring to Calm and Ground the Qi

Kidney 1, also called Bubbling Spring, is a point found on the bottom of the foot. Located in a soft depression where the tougher skin of the ball transitions to the arch of the foot, this is a useul point to calm and ground the mind and body. To counter anxious thoughts and a mind […]

3 Ways to Get Better Faster with Acupuncture

“How many acupuncture treatments will I need?” is a question we hear every day in the clinic.  Understandably, everyone wants to feel better fast with as few visits and little expense as possible.  Here are a few things you should know about how to get the best results with the fewest number of treatments. 1.  […]

Where Does the Gate of Destiny Lead?

What’s in a name Every acupuncture point has a name that tells you where it is and what it does.   Abundant Splendor, for example, refers to one point’s profusion of blood and to its location on a prominent muscle of the lower leg. Gate of Destiny indicates the significance of a point’s access to […]