What You Should Know About the Chinese Clock

The concept of the Chinese Clock is a valuable and simple tool for maximizing your health.  For example, it tells you what time of day is best for eating your main meal. As with our own clock, the Chinese clock is based on 24 hours.  Each two-hour period is governed by one of the 12 […]

You Are a Meeting Point Between Heaven and Earth

Here’s an idea that always makes me stand up a little taller and take a deeper breath when I think it: I am a unique meeting point between heaven and earth. Each one of us connects heaven and earth in a way that no other being does in exactly the same way. In the taoist […]

What Do Baseball and Your Health Have in Common?

Last week, I learned something about baseball from one of my patients and how it relates to health. Achieving optimal health and being successful in baseball both require more than skill and knowledge. They share a need for the application of something that is simple, yet not easy, to do: relax. I was taught this […]

Extend The Benefit of Your Acupuncture Treatment

One of my favorite suggestions for extending the benefit of an acupuncture treatment is also effective in relaxing a stiff neck, improving digestion, boosting energy, countering menstrual cramps,  and clearing the mind.  How could one simple practice do all that?  And what is it? Breathing into the Sea of Qi, also known as CV 6, […]

Gain without Pain

Needles can be scary.  For some people, the mere idea of a needle conjures up memories of childhood vaccination trauma – or even a painful sewing mishap. Needle phobia Acupuncture needles are different.  Unlike their ill-reputed counterparts used for injections or stitches, acupuncture needles are: The width of a human hair. Flexible. Designed to glide […]