I sought Lynn’s help with shamanic journey work as a complement to the regular acupuncture sessions I receive from her. I’ve come to depend on acupuncture to help me regulate my energy and promote my overall health. I’ve considered working with shamanic practitioners before, but I have not felt I could fully trust someone with my spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, until now. In Lynn, I’ve found an intuitive healer with a rational mind, a thoughtful listener who provides objective, respectful nurturance. She provides a safe space for what her clients need; she herself is a grounded, generous professional whose clarity and kindness are unmatched. She offers the wisdom of her years of experience without judgment and offers concrete guidance for how I can use my body’s natural intelligence to continue the healing process on my own. That is a powerful gift of hope as well as healing.

In the first shamanic session, in particular, Lynn invited me to find a power place in nature, and what I found gave me the kind of peace and relaxation I have sought for years but have not found on my own. I immediately booked a follow up appointment knowing that whatever is next is exactly what I will need. By integrating the healing practices I’ve found through Lynn Maloney’s acupuncture and shamanic journey work as well as other healing practices like yoga, meditation, massage, sauna, and exercise, I am (finally) stepping into the person I’m meant to become…and I’m actually happy to meet me. Thank you, Lynn. I’m eternally grateful.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first experience with a shamanic healing. I could sense the amount of intentionality already created in the room when I arrived and Lynn was skillful in helping me identify the central question beneath some of my current life challenges. While on the table, I was astounded by the degree of energy shifting I experienced in my body as she was holding the space with the rattle and my question. I felt balancing and shifting, warmth and tingling throughout my body. I definitely felt as though I went on an inner journey to identify my sources of strength and to reclaim them and name them in a life giving way for me now. After the journey, Lynn spoke to the spirit animals she was shown for me and how they model a part of my own power in navigating my challenges. I felt restored and hopeful and have returned to the imagery she helped me identify during the journey several times since then. I am delighted to have Lynn’s Shamanic support as I navigate through my life! And I will be referring clients to her that are looking for shamanic & spiritual support!

My experience with Lynn and shamanic healing was a deeply worthwhile experience! As a newcomer to shamanic healing, Lynn easily guided me through the process and I was at ease. The work was done in tandem as Lynn used shamanic techniques to tap into energies and I was in a meditative type state. The work helped me tap into my own energy fields and provided some clarity to my questions. As a seeker, I enjoy experiencing different approaches that can provide insights and guides as I travel through this busy world. This experience was like a guided reflection and I can definitely see myself working with Lynn and shamanic healing again!

Lynn has clearly put a lot of thought and effort into creating an informative and comfortable setting for the shamanic healing experience. My session started with a brief discussion of the questions I wished to pursue with my helping spirits, as well as Lynn’s explanation of how we would approach the session and what tools would be used. During the session, I felt supported and secure in the process. At the end of the session, I appreciated the interpretive discussion that Lynn and I had, as well as Lynn’s suggestions for how I can continue to educate myself and develop what I learned during my first session. I feel like I received an immediate benefit from attending a shamanic healing session with Lynn, and I will definitely continue to have additional sessions whenever I feel it would be helpful.

Lynn helped me navigate a major life change. Her gentle shamanic inquiry provided a guided tour of body, mind and spirit. Powerful helpers emerged from the natural and familial worlds. I came away with a greater sense of well being, support that I will continue to call on, and a deeper trust in my own intuition.

My first shamanic healing session with Lynn Maloney brought a fresh, joyful perspective to my personal growth and healing journey. The insights integrate beautifully with my journaling practice! I will definitely be back for additional sessions!

My Shamanic Healing session with Lynn Maloney was truly a transformational experience. Lynn provides a safe, relaxing, and sacred environment as she guides you through a personal healing and spiritual journey. During my session with Lynn I was able to explore my spiritual self and find some inner peace with chronic anxiety. It amazed me how peaceful and energized I felt at the end of our journey together. I look forward to exploring this practice further with Lynn’s caring guidance.

Lynn’s welcoming space provided a safe and comfortable environment for entering into a shamanic journey. There was time at the beginning and after the session for both questions and discussion. At the beginning, Lynn offered suggestions for setting an intention for the journey and during the journey she offered gentle guidance in asking questions of loving spirit helpers along the way. This journey was positive, healing and helpful in understanding and releasing old doubts and fears about previous experiences I’ve had.

I turned to shamanic healing after suffering for years with persistent mental and physical issues, mostly manifesting as pain. I believe the pain stems from a diagnosed physical disorder, but also from childhood trauma, both of which I’ve been unable to accept, and let go of. After just one healing session with Lynn, I’ve felt an energy shift that has gradually allowed me some peace, and a sense of direction in assisting myself in further healing. I feel like a weight is lifting, and very much look forward to more spiritual and energy work with Lynn.