I believe the success of the treatment had to do with Lynn’s careful assessment and ability to really listen to my experience of how my body felt. I found her to be professional and clearly skilled at her work, while conveying a sense of caring which was very different than most of my experiences with health practitioners.

I first went to see Lynn for treatment for a localized problem I was having with my shoulder, without even thinking about treatment for my other health conditions which included high blood pressure, rapid and arrhythmic heartbeat, and depression. As it turned out, over the course of treatment all of these conditions improved significantly, and during a relatively short period of time. I guess because I didn’t know much about acupuncture, I was surprised by what happened and how much better I felt overall.

After months of not being able to control extreme pain with physical therapy and narcotics I went to Lynn for my first acupuncture experience. Not only did the acupuncture reduce my pain enough to come off narcotics, but I was also able to abandon my regular use of acetaminophen for milder pain. I had been using regular multiple daily doses of acetaminophen for over a decade. As a result of acupuncture and continuation of my physical therapy, I have drastically reduced my pain and thereby, dramatically increasing my daily activity and endurance.

I feel very fortunate to have found Lynn Maloney, approximately 6 months after I survived a CVA (stroke). Lynn’s treatments have helped me immensely in the relief of headaches and incontinence. I have grown to appreciate her professional knowledge and procedures as well as her friendliness.

Because the advisability of continued use of prescription arthritis medicines was questionable, I decided that I would search for another treatment to relieve my stiffness and pain. I had heard that acupuncture was one possible route. Admittedly I was skeptical that little needles would be my answer. In fact I mentioned the possibility with my physician who encouraged me to try acupuncture.

I have found that my sessions with Lynn Maloney have relieved my aches and dependency upon pain medications. In addition to discontinuing my pain medications, I have also noticed a change in my dependency upon allergy medications that I had taken year round.

Lynn is a well educated and licensed acupuncturist, and a personable dedicated practitioner.

I am very pleased with the results of Lynn’s acupuncture treatments. After two years of nearly constant pain, I was willing to try anything!! Now I am completely pain-free. I would advise anyone with chronic pain to try the acupuncture treatment.

Lynn knows the source of the problem, almost instantly. I am amazed at her skill as a listener, the relief I get from acupuncture, and at her deep knowledge of the body.

Lynn is a terrific resource for wellness maintenance. She is wonderfully perceptive about her clients’ needs, holistic in her approach and skillful in her practice. A visit with Lynn always leaves me feeling great.

“I began acupuncture treatment in hope of alleviating chronic pain stemming from an accident. Within just a few sessions, Lynn was able to completely free me from pain I’d endured for years, pain that traditional doctors could only mask with medications. Being pain free has allowed me to return to the active lifestyle I enjoyed before I was injured. Acupuncture treatments with Lynn have improved my physical, mental, and spiritual health and fitness; I’ve never been in better shape or enjoyed such a sense of total wellness.”

I went to Lynn with numerous complaints. One was that I would be totally exhausted by mid-morning and if I didn’t take a nap, the rest of the day would be shot. After only 6 appointments, I no longer need naps. What a joy not to walk through the day in a fog. Thank you Lynn.

When Lynn Maloney opened her office, I had waited 11 years for a Five-element acupuncturist to arrive in Columbia. My regular acupuncture “tune-up” sessions help me stay balanced and healthy. It’s especially good to have a trustworthy acupuncturist for friends with chronic health problems who have never tried acupuncture. It is a joy to share the amazement of my friends as they experience improved health after going to Lynn.

Acupuncture has been a bridge that has helped connect a large map to healing. Along with giving me great results in pain management, it has filled me with wonder, educated me about my body both physically and energetically and taught me to adapt my physical needs as the seasons change. Lynn is a wonderful, gifted practitioner and teacher who has helped me to build the bridge in my own self-healing.

Last year, I was diagnosed with two ruptured disks in my neck. After suffering severe pain and spending thousands of dollars with a physician, I was about to give up. The doctor told me he would have to perform surgery, but couldn’t promise relief from the pain or to stop the numbness in my arm. I decided to investigate a different approach. This is when Lynn came into my life. After several sessions, my pain left followed by the numbness slowly going away. I go back for sessions once in a while, just to keep me on an even keel. The treatments are just wonderful and I’m glad that Lynn and acupuncture are in my life.

I’m a 73 year old lady who has been suffering from lower back pain for 12 years. I’ve had nerve ablation and numerous steroid injections over the years. These procedures would help only for short periods of time. I started seeing Lynn and she has gotten me pain-free for the long term. I also have severe headaches, which she can make subside in minutes. I don’t understand acupuncture – I just know it works. My husband has also seen Lynn. He strained some muscles in his side trying to prevent a fall on the ice. One session with Lynn and his pain was relieved.

From my first treatment, when a single, well-placed needle permanently resolved a trigger-finger condition that Wester medicine did not; through the many times that Lynn Maloney Acupuncture was my first stop to resolve a health issue before going to my regular physician; and the regular experience of absolute peace every time I laid my body down in the clinic – all of that is the essence of Lynn Maloney’s exquisite skill and kindness.

I strongly recommend Lynn Maloney Acupuncture. My treatment through Lynn has helped my fibromyalgia! I feel better than I have in 15 years. Lynn has helped me relax, a surprising plus. I no longer require acid reflux medications and I no longer have problems with GERD.

I had tried both pills and sprays, prescription and over the counter, and nothing worked for my spring allergies After several sessions I noticed a big difference. I could breathe! Lynn has also made suggestions to my diet that have made a big difference in the way my body functions. On several occasions Lynn has helped in speeding up the recovery in major sprains and helps relieve the arthritic discomfort in my thumbs. Lynn is the first calI make for aches and pains. Lynn’s knowledge of the body and the way she applies her knowledge always amazes me. Thank you Lynn!

For the last 15 years, Lynn’s acupuncture has been an integral part of successful pain management for a chronic condition. The pain relief I have received aided me in getting off oral medications that possessed undesirable side effects. Now the pain is under better control and after weekly treatments for several years now I only need treatment every 1 to 2 months. I believe that if more people were aware that acupuncture needles are very fine and some treatments do not involve needle insertion at all (ie “contact needling”), they might be more inclined to try it.

The results for me of acupuncture have been primarily physical although we have also discussed emotional issues. One such issue which has helped me is the difference between sympathy and empathy and the appropriate use of each. I find acupuncture very helpful with arthritis in my feet, knees, and lower back. However, the greatest benefit for me was when I was recovering from multiple back surgeries and was dealing with withdrawal from pain medications. Lynn and my acupuncture treatments played an instrumental role in my ability to successfully with my medication dependency.

I am more interested in seeking alternatives to western medicine in some cases. In a few cases, I feel that acupuncture was more effective. I felt acupuncture enhanced and improved my recovery and shortened recovery time from both surgery and injuries. I went twice monthly for about two years. I feel that my sessions have been an opportunity to spend about an hour in meditative relaxation.