Lynn’s Spring Tips

Consuming the vitality of raw and sprouted foods in Spring is in harmony with the energetic of the season. Eating less food and cooking it less by sauteeing and steaming, keeps the body lighter and better able to move with the dynamic energy of Spring. The warmth of slow and well-cooked foods that we enjoyed in winter is no longer necessary. Rather, cleansing and invigorating the body are appropriate. For those who choose to fast, a practice not recommend for those with weak constitutions, Spring is the best season to do so. Choose local fresh greens now available.

After the Winter, the joints need to get moving with more vigorous activity. If your Spring-time, or Wood, energy is not moving smoothly (as indicated by symptoms in the early Spring of headaches, pre-menstrual syndrome, sluggishness, aggravated joint or eye problems), the body may be craving more movement. When movement is limited or painful, use the support of a professional massage therapist to increase the flow of blood through your fascia, joints, and muscles. Increasing physical activity will not only improve joint function but will assist the body in cleansing stagnant residue from the heavier foods consumed in Winter.

The Chinese Clock is a concept that relates each of the primary meridian systems to a specific two-hour period during the day when it is most active or available to us. The Liver and Gall Bladder energies (distinct from the organs, per se) are associated with the time from 11pm-3am. The spirit of the Liver, the Gan, is said to wander in the spirit world as you sleep, helping you see the nature of present reality and that of the future. In order for the Gan to perform this function, you must be asleep by 11pm. This will assist you in planning and strategizing effectively. Getting to sleep by 11pm is also thought to make it easier to remain asleep through the night which is essential to overall health.

Tending the body with movement is essential any time of the year, but in the transition from Winter to Spring it is essential. Be respectful of your body’s limitations. If suffering from limited aching joints or muscles, or simply feeling stressed, bodywork from a licensed massage therapist will increase the flow of blood and qi in your joints and muscles as well as increase your sense of ease. So move your body or at least have a massage therapist move your body for you to get you started.

Anger is the emotion associated with the Liver, the organ of Spring. Anger shows up when we are inflexible in how we meet life’s challenges. Practicing flexibility in body, keeping the muscles limber, is a useful tool in keeping the emotions flexible

The health of your eyes is related to the Spring energies of the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians in the body. So also is our mental ability to see where we want to go in life and plan effectively so that we get there. When health is optimal, our plans for the future are in alignment with our spiritual destiny, the big picture plan of our purpose for being here.

Spring is a good time to take advantage of this visioning energy so that we can plan our year: make plans to have fun in the summer, time to take space to reflect in the fall and be able to rest in the winter without feeling overwhelmed by things that haven’t gotten done. Strategize your daily and weekly schedules to include work, play, rest, exercise, and spiritual reflection.