3 Tips to Better Nutrition

Patients frequently ask me what they can add to their diet to improve their condition. Patients who ask this question are often those who have already given the most thought to creating a diet of whole foods. While I do recommend eating a whole-foods diet that is chock- full of nutrients, there is more to nutrition […]

The Earth Element: Being Supported and Nourished Through All the Seasons

Earth differs from the other four Elements in that its seasonal correspondence, while often associated with Late Summer, is also associated with the two weeks that mark the final week of one season, and the first week of the successive season. (Late Summer is recognized with the month of August until the autumnal equinox. The […]

Pregnancy and Acupuncture

While the success of acupuncture in enhancing female and male fertility has gained much attention in recent years, its use during pregnancy, in delivery, and in post-partum has been over-looked. Once pregnant, many women are faced with the need to discontinue medications they have relied upon for years. These include anti-depressants and medications for prevention […]