Eyes, Tongue, and the Heart

Pollock Heart, a painting by Missouri artist Chris McGee, exemplifies the dynamism of the Fire element. It hangs in the waiting room at our office because for me, it evokes clarity, brilliance and warmth- qualities that reflect the quality of the Fire element. The quality of your Fire can be seen in your eyes- a […]

The Triple Heater Channel

The Triple Heater is the only channel, or meridian, that does not have a corresponding organ. However, one of its many functions is body temperature regulation, giving it a possible relationship to thyroid function. Traveling through the neck, shoulder, elbow and fingers, the Triple Heater channel can be very useful in improving the function of these joints. […]

The Heart: Clarity, Righteousness and Leadership

As with all of the organs, within Chinese medicine, the heart is understood in relation to the spirit, mind, and emotions as well as its physical functions.  And, as with the other organs, we capitalize Heart when speaking about its non-physical functions and its associated channel and qi. The Heart is known as the Supreme […]