After only 6 appointments, I no longer need naps. What a joy not to walk through the day in a fog. Thank you Lynn.

Carolyn Kinser


Lynn Maloney Acupuncture in Columbia, Mo., provides treatment using the ancient art and science of acupuncture to relieve your symptoms. Although many pursue acupuncture as an alternative to medication and surgery, others draw on the power of acupuncture to speed recovery from surgery or reduce the need for medication.

Acupuncture has a longer track record of healing people than any other medical method on the planet. It can provide pain relief without pills, improve your energy and fortify your body’s natural defenses.

Your acupuncture treatment will be guided by the information your body provides through your pulses and other signs and symptoms. Your body’s intelligence, as well as your feedback, will be the key to determining each and every treatment. In turn, an acupuncture treatment that responds to the information provided by your body will then catalyze the body’s intelligence, or healing wisdom, to heal.

Lynn Maloney has been providing effective relief for pain associated with joints, muscles and nerves, as well as chronic conditions of fatigue, headache, digestion, sleep and anxiety, since 2000.

Acupuncture Articles

The Earth Element: Spleen and Stomach!

Posted: August 23, 2018

Recent research demonstrates that connecting with others and living a life with meaning and purpose is good for your health! (see article link below)┬áMarkers for a host of chronic conditions were found to be higher in those focused on self-development and creating the best life for themselves when compared with those whose lives are focused…

Mindful Eating-Nourishment of Earth Element

Posted: August 21, 2018

Mindfulness of Eating Mindfulness around meals is one way to align with this season of Earth Element. The mouth, saliva, as well as the sense of smell correspond to Earth Element. Giving more attention to the pleasant aromas while cooking, slowing down to taste and properly chew each bite of food, will enhance digestion and…