Taking In & Letting Go: The Metal Element

The organs resonant with the Metal element are the lungs and large intestine. The qi that flows though the lungs and the meridian named after the lungs serves us on the mental and spiritual levels as well as the physical. We capitalize the spelling of Lung to encompass these non-physical dimensions of this capacity, just […]

Open Your Gate of Hope: Breathe!

Entry/Exit blocks are the failure of qi to flow from one meridian, or channel, to the following channel in the circulation of qi throughout the body. Diagnosed by reading the radial pulses, Entry/Exit blocks are expressed in mental and emotional distress. One of the most common Exit/Entry blocks that I see is between the exit […]

Clearing Clutter: Feng Shui & the Metal Element

Large Intestine is the yang aspect of the Metal element. While the yin aspect, Lung, takes in, Large Intestine’s job is to let go, releasing what is no longer usable. Something that was once precious (food, a relationship, a book) may have lost its value after it’s been digested. Or, perhaps it simply decayed and […]