Laughter, Fun, and Joy: Nourishing the Heart

The laughter, fun and joy in your life reflect the quality of your Fire element.   1) Laughter is known to enhance the healing process for a host of disease as well as support the immune system for preventing illness. Laughing regularly is a vital part of your health. If you haven’t laughed in the […]

Who’s In Charge of Your Kingdom?

No doubt, you’ve learned something ‘by heart” at some point in your life – a favorite song or poem, or a piece of information that was important for you to be able to access at a moment’s notice without stopping to think.  Knowing something ‘by heart’ reflects the certain knowledge the heart possesses about numerous […]

My Next Trip!

Later this month I will be traveling to Boulder, Colorado to attend a workshop on pediatric acupuncture. We will focus on treating children from infancy through  ten years of age with needle-less acupuncture and diagnostic tools unique to children. I have been pleased to see how well children respond to acupuncture as well as their […]