Tips for Strengthening Libido

Tips for strengthening libido

A sudden drop in libido can cause anyone anxiety and worry.  However, this is quite common and there are things you can do about it.  If you have talked with your gynecologist or urologist and do not have a diagnosed condition that could be causing this sudden change, these tips might be all you need to get back on track.  Acupuncture can also be very supportive.  Share these tips with your partner and see what appeals.  Make this an enjoyable exploration you can make together!

  • Massage
    • foot, neck, whole body with oil or lotion
  • Apply scented oils for arousal
    •  those with warming qualities e.g. ylang,ylang
    • Makes Scents is a store here in Columbia on 9th street that has a large selection you can smell on tester strips to see which you and your partner like best
  • Kegel Exercises
    • contracting/releasing pelvic floor to relax and increase blood flow to pelvic floor
  • Focus touch on whole body
    • E.g. elbow creases, knee creases, inner thigh, below ear
  • Intend to delay erection or arousal by exploring non-genital areas of body fully first
  • Breath into Sea of Qi, below the navel, to calm anxious mind and bring energy back to pelvis.
  • Resources: for videos and products designed to support better communication between partners, learn new techniques, and develop a spirit of fun, safe, exploration in the bedroom.