Healing Foot Pain: Warming the Kidney Channel

When foot pain feels like something is inside the foot or like a sock is bunched up under it and is made worse by walking, the diagnosis is often Morton’s neuroma.  This is an enlargement or thickening of nerve tissue that often occurs between the third and fourth toes.  This type of pain is usually […]

Bone Broth for Deep Nourishment

In addition to being a tasty way to improve soups, bone broth is an excellent to nourish the body.  Filled with minerals, bone broth can also be sipped by the cup in times of illness and depletion.  Use bones from grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic free animals.  Susie’s Grass-Fed Lamb sells five pound bags of bones at […]

Yogic Rest with Your Cell Phone

Rest and rejuvenation – these are issues that come up in talking with patients about how to support Kidney qi, the energy that protects our deepest reserves.  Finding the time and place to rest in a manner that is truly renewing is a challenge for many.  So, I was delighted when one of my patients […]