Go Outdoors! Nature As Your Doctor

There are a variety of skills and resources we can use in removing blocks to creativity. Spending time in nature is one of them.  Nature is obviously inspiring in its great beauty.  It is also essential for us to have access to fresh air and experience a connection to the natural environment that we easily lose after hours in fluorescent lights and seated at computers.  But the capacity of nature to shift our mental habits and open a creative perspective are also important health benefits.

Judgmental and competitive attitudes learned in early childhood hinder our creativity. Classroom experiences and unconscious parental messages that judged our youthful efforts as not good enough often hinder our creativity as adults.  In nature it is easy to see all trees as beautiful – one tree is not a better tree than another.  The freedom to be immersed in an experience free from the judgment and competition of academic and work life is wonderfully freeing to the mind.

Learning to overcome these habits of mind, we may experience freedom to dream beyond the boundaries that make us feel stuck.  Reminded of our connection to the ever creative forces of nature, our own creativity flourishes.  Take advantage of the beauty outdoors to re-ignite your creative life!