PMS, Infertility, and Libido

Stagnant Liver qi is a very common diagnosis in the U.S. It is also commonly associated with PMS, infertility, and low libido. Stagnation may occur through prolonged sitting and also lack of exercise, as well as through prolonged emotional frustration. PMS Breast tenderness and irritability are a failure of Liver qi to flow smoothly along […]

Welcoming Kindness Into Your Life

Kindness is the gift or power of Wood. You already understand the nature of Wood if you have observed plants growing and overcoming obstacles. A tiny little acorn has the long-term vision or blueprint within that directs it to become an oak tree and nothing else. This type of long-term vision, essential to manifesting our […]

Anger: How to Respond Using Five Element Wisdom

What can anger do for you? Anger and kindness are the emotional spectrum of the Wood element. In the presence of injustice, righteous anger helps us see that something else is possible – an unjust or violent situation does not need to continue. Creative vision, the mental aspect of Wood, crafts an effective response to […]