Late Winter Light

On the Chinese calendar, winter begins during the second week of November, making the solstice the middle, not the beginning, of the season.  Many find this “makes sense” to them as they notice that winter “feel”  like it begins in November and also because marking the darkest part of the season as the middle or climax of the season seems right, intuitively.

This beautiful pastel painting by local artist Kerry Hirth expresses the quality of light we see in mid-Missouri towards the end of the season.  Kerry explained to me that all of the colors in the painting match colors she sees out her studio window in late January as the the light of the sun passes through the trees.  These subdued and deep colors evoke that time of year perfectly for me, resonating with the Water-element qualities of quiet, stillness, and coldness.  What qualities does this painting evoke for you?

Kerry’s painting will be hanging in our waiting room through the season so you have a chance to see it up close!