Lynn's Winter Tips


Reduce raw food intake.


Warm the muscles and avoid over-exertion


Make time to withdraw from external stimuli.


Sleep more or add time to rest

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  • Diet

    It's time to re-introduce more raw foods to the diet to both cool and cleanse the body. Also, quickly sautee or steam vegetables.

  • Exercise

    Keep the body moving. Receive massage as well as exercise to keep the joints mobilized and the tissues fluid.

  • Sleep

    Get to bed early enough to be asleep by 11 p.m. This is the time when Liver qi, the organ and type of qi most assoicated with the Spring, is most active in its work of "seeing" your future.

  • Stress Management

    The transition from the depth of Winter to the activity and intense growth of Spring can be rough. Irritability, headaches, respiratory problems and other symptoms associated with stress may increase. Movement is essential!

  • Vision: The Gift of Spring

    Vision(physical, mental, and spiritual) is the power or gift of Spring, according the Chinese Five Element system.



  • Breathing

    Pay special attention to keeping your lungs healthy during the fall.

  • Clothing

    Add a scarf and more turtlenecks to your wardrobe.

  • Diet

    Eating warming foods will support robust health in fall.