Yogic Rest with Your Cell Phone

Rest and rejuvenation – these are issues that come up in talking with patients about how to support Kidney qi, the energy that protects our deepest reserves.  Finding the time and place to rest in a manner that is truly renewing is a challenge for many.  So, I was delighted when one of my patients showed me a new cell phone app for the practice of yoga nidra, an ancient yogic practice that rejuvenates the body and mind.

There are now several cell phone applications available for practicing yoga nidra. I particularly like the one created by Madhava.  The free version of the application includes a ten-minute guided relaxation.  The slightly more expensive version includes options for adding music or nature sounds as well as 20- and 30-minute practices of yoga nidra.

Madhava is a teacher who studied with the Bihar School of Yoga whose book on yoga nidra I use when teaching my Meditative Yoga class.  This app includes information on the origins and function of yoga nidra for those of you who want to geek out and learn more about why this is such an effective practice!