Who’s In Charge of Your Kingdom?

No doubt, you’ve learned something ‘by heart” at some point in your life – a favorite song or poem, or a piece of information that was important for you to be able to access at a moment’s notice without stopping to think.  Knowing something ‘by heart’ reflects the certain knowledge the heart possesses about numerous aspects of life. Choosing a mate and a myriad of other choices that have no rational best choice are made by the Heart.

In acupuncture, the Heart (capitalized to indicate more than the mere organ), is also called the Supreme Controller. It represents your inner emperor or empress in charge of ruling the kingdom that is your body, your mind, and your spirit. When we have been unwell for a long time, our inner world and body may become chaotic, unpredictable, or disorganized. The smooth running of your kingdom relies on the Heart occupying the throne and inspiring all other aspects and organs to fulfill their duty.

If the Heart perceives that one of the kingdom’s ministers, say the Liver or the Lungs, for example, are not performing their duty, the Heart may step down from his or her throne and begin compensating, (e.g. getting used or stressed beyond its usual capacities). Ideally, the Supreme Controller is sitting on the throne with such clarity and alignment with your deeper purpose that all the members of the kingdom are inspired to do their best, in service to the Heart/Supreme Controller.

Support your Heart so that it is easy for it to sit in a regal and inspiring way upon your inner throne. Calm and nourish the heart with activities that keep you aligned with the deepest knowledge of who and what you are. You already know how to do this. You just have to remember to keep doing those things that nourish your Heart – meditation, favorite outdoor activities, creative activities, quality time with loved ones – whatever inspires you to be your best.