Use Your Bubbling Spring to Calm and Ground the Qi

Kidney 1, also called Bubbling Spring, is a point found on the bottom of the foot. Located in a soft depression where the tougher skin of the ball transitions to the arch of the foot, this is a useul point to calm and ground the mind and body.

To counter anxious thoughts and a mind that is having difficulty calming down, focus your awareness on Bubbling Spring. This can be done sitting or lying down and is easy to do even if you are sitting at a computer with your shoes on. After you have located the point with your attention, imagine that you have a large opening, like a nose, located at your Bubbling Spring on each foot. Begin breathing in though this point and bring the breath all the way up to the belly. Follow this with an exhalation from the belly all the down the legs and out through Bubbling Spring. Continue breathing in and out of Bubbling Spring for several breaths, or as long as it takes you to be aware of the increased vitality in the feet and legs.

Breathing in and out of Bubbling Spring has many benefits. In addition to reducing the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety, it reminds us to breathe completely, which will also increase the amount of energy we have flowing in the body. The mind becomes calm and is easy to focus. The body releases much of the unconscious tension that arises with stress or anxiety.

Breathe through your Bubbling Spring points the next time you would like to create more calmness and focus in your day.