Treating Sciatic Pain and Tension Headaches: Three Points on the Foot

The Gall Bladder meridian travels through the major joints of the body, having its most powerful acupuncture points located at the articulation of these joints: the jaw, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Beginning at the eyes and ending at the toes, this meridian is useful in the treatment of dry eyes, headaches, joint pain, and especially sciatic pain traveling from the buttocks down the leg.
The points used most commonly on the Gall Bladder channel are located on the foot. Gall Bladder 40 (GB 40), also called Wilderness Mound, is found in the depth of the depression located just below and in front of the outer ankle bone. To decongest this area, move the ankle through its full range of motion by keeping the leg still while allowing the toes to draw a big circle. This area is often quite tender during a tension headache, and especially in the presence of headaches that occur on the right side of the head.
If this area is not particularly tender, look for GB 41 and 42, further down the foot in the space between the fourth and fifth metatarsal – the bones that extend from the ankle to the toes. These two points lie on either side of a tendon that crosses this space, with 41 being closer to the ankle and 42 being further down the foot toward the toes. In cases of sciatic pain, these will often be very sore, indeed. Massage these points and stretch and flex the toes.
Despite the location of these points being on the feet, they can be very useful in treating tension in any of the major joints of the body, from the jaw to the toes!