Reduce cold foods and beverages and increase warm cooked foods in your meals. Choose hot cereal over cold, cooked vegetables instead of raw salads, use your favorite spices to enhance your digestive fire, and help your body stay warm with hot tea. As in every season, be moderate with your intake of salt. Frozen foods like ice cream are never recommended but are especially contraindicated during the coldest time of year.

Miso soup is healthful year-round and is a great recommendation for someone who is unsure about how to add more warming foods to their winter diet. A single serving can be prepared quickly and cheaply. Heat a cup or two of water, then simply add a tablespoon of miso paste after the water has stopped boiling. Chop up and add any vegetables that you would like to include in your soup. Onion, carrots, bean sprouts, broccoli, or any other vegetable in your refrigerator will do.