Three Tips to Optimize the Flow of Qi

When the flow of qi in our bodies is optimized, we experience physical well-being, mental and emotional clarity and calmness, and feel centered in our spirit. There are three things you can do to improve your flow of qi immediately.

1.Awareness of your breath – even if you suffer from allergies or asthma – will improve the movement of qi in the body right away. Awareness is key, and the movement of the breath is essential. Awareness of the sensation of breathing will usually cause the breath to improve almost immediately, before we even make a conscious effort to alter it in any way. And ANY improvement in the movement of the breath (no matter how small), whether it become a little deeper, or a little smoother, will improve the way you feel.
2.Posture  may be the biggest obstacle most of us face in optimizing the flow of qi in our bodies. Maximize the space between the vertebrae, and also between the spine and the skull while sitting, standing and moving to remove these common obstacles to qi flow.
3.Play and Relaxation in proportion to the amount of work and effort we engage in is vital. Time to step away from stressors to connect with loved ones, enjoying solitude or being immersed in a form of play or relaxation that allows the body, spirit and mind to rest or just feel good is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.