The Small Intestine Channel Nourishes Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

The Small Intestine Channel and the Body: The Small Intestine channel is used frequently by acupuncturists for problems with the joints – and much less often to address the small intestine.  Starting on the little finger, the channel passes through the arm, shoulder, shoulder blade and neck before ending on the face in front of the ear.  Despite the pathway of this channel following pinky to the ear, it is often included in treatments that relieve pain anywhere on the spine.

The Small Intestine Channel and the Mind:  Known as “The Sorter,”  this channel sorts out which digested nutrients are absorbed by the small intestine into our blood and which are passed along to the colon for water extraction and eventual elimination. On the mental level, the qi of the Small Intestine helps us sort out priorities. For example, assessing a menu for the most desirable item, we are using this aspect of small intestine qi. Or when listening to new information, we are assessing which pieces are important to retain and which are not. Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, may be a sign of our Sorter, or Small Intestine qi, having difficulty sorting out where to place our focus as many things seem equally important all at the same time, just as choosing items from a menu can feel problematic when many items are equally appealing. We are sorting and prioritizing input all day, whether it is in the form of food or information, and the Small Intestine qi helps us do just that.

The Small Intestine Channel and the Spirit:  When we are able to sort and prioritize the people, places and things that we give attention to, our minds and hearts experience clarity. This clarity gives rise to ongoing discernment that keeps us in alignment with our sense of purpose. We are able to hear clearly, see clearly and speak clearly to the heart of the matter at hand.