The Fire Element: Warmth in Your Body, Your Relationships, and Your Heart

The heart is the organ most easily and often used as an emblem for the function of the Fire element in the body. Our physical warmth, cardiovascular health and the mobility of the neck and shoulders are governed by the four meridians that relate most directly to the Fire element: Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater, and Pericardium. These meridians (or channels) pass through the chest and through the arms to and from the fingers. Cardiovascular exercise is a good way to support the physical aspect of your Fire.
These channels harmonize the qi of the chest, and when they are undernourished, anxiety and insomnia may occur. Conversely, healthy flow of qi in these channels promotes warmth and ease in connecting with others, clarity of communication, good memory, and the capacity for fun and playfulness. Take time to nurture your relationships, improve the clarity in communicating your thoughts and desires, and plan time for fun and play to strengthen your experience of the Fire element.
Joy is the emotional expression of Fire. Joy that is manic can be experienced like a fire that is out of control – burning brightly and then collapsing. Living your life in fulfillment of your true purpose- your heart’s calling-generates a calm and steady joy or fire, reflective of balanced and healthy Fire at the spiritual level.