Taking In & Letting Go: The Metal Element

The organs resonant with the Metal element are the lungs and large intestine. The qi that flows though the lungs and the meridian named after the lungs serves us on the mental and spiritual levels as well as the physical. We capitalize the spelling of Lung to encompass these non-physical dimensions of this capacity, just as we do with all of the meridians and the qi that flows through them. For example, Large Intestine qi flows not only to the large intestine, but serves our capacities for letting go, discerning when things that were precious no longer serve us.
The lungs can suffer in the transition to colder and dryer atmosphere that occurs between summer and winter.

The autumn is the season that resonates with the Metal element and is associated with this challenge to respiratory function. Grief and awe are the emotional energetic of this time, making autumn also a time when we may have heightened awareness of those things that we value as most essential, including the losses of loved ones as well as loss of our own most valued capacities. This awareness of what we most value also inspires us. Grief oppresses the lungs if we do not also find inspiration in recognizing the preciousness of what we have lost. Move through the lessons of grief by breathing fully and completely. Say yes to what is by welcoming breath deep into the body.

Letting go is the function of the Large Intestine. Look about your office and living spaces. Clutter suggests a difficulty in letting go of what is no longer of current value. Order, precision and clarity are supported by spaces that are free of clutter. What relationship do you see between the function of your colon and the spaces in which you live and work?