Stillness & Courage in the Water Element

Winter, which goes from the middle of November to the beginning of February on the Chinese calendar, is the season of Water.
The Water element has strong associations with meditation and the power of cultivating wisdom through stillness. Wisdom gives the courage to move forward when we do not want to, and the courage to remain still when our fear and anger may motivate us to react.
The Kidney meridian (the yin channel that expresses the body’s Water element) is comprised of many acupuncture points that are named for our capacity to cultivate wisdom.  Spirit Seal, Spirit Burial Ground,  and Spirit Storehouse are three Kidney points found in the chest near the heart. These points may be needled to revive a depleted spirit that is reflected in a pervasive lack of purpose and interest in life, and eyes lacking a spark of vitality.
Kidney 6, called Illuminated Sea, is located below the inner ankle bone. It may be used to address panic, anxiety, and insomnia and has a calming effect that relaxes the chest. It is also used to treat the uterus and throat.