Spring: The Season of Wood

The Wood element is expressed by the spring-time energy of vigorous movement and growth. The rushing water in Jane Mudd’s painting in our reception room exemplifies the increased color, sound and movement that we experience as we leave the quiet, dark of winter. I am delighted to display this painting in our reception area as we move into Spring.

Sometimes, our bodies resist this surge in the energy around us and we may feel increased headaches or become aware of tightness in our joints, especially the neck and shoulders. This is a sign that we are out of sync with this transition from the Water element to the Wood. Emotionally and mentally, we may feel rigid or irritable if we lack the requisite energy to move out of the hibernation of winter into the exuberance of spring.

Menstrual symptoms and migraines are too signs of Wood energy not moving smoothly. If any of these symptoms are showing up for you, consider a gentle yoga class to warm up and stretch those creaky joints and muscles as well as to deepen the breath. Massage to soften constrictions and move more fluid through the muscles could be helpful. A seasonal “tune-up” with acupuncture is supportive of reducing headaches, stiffness and irritability.

You can find Jane’s work at www.janemudd.com