Pregnancy and Acupuncture

While the success of acupuncture in enhancing female and male fertility has gained much attention in recent years, its use during pregnancy, in delivery, and in post-partum has been over-looked.

Once pregnant, many women are faced with the need to discontinue medications they have relied upon for years. These include anti-depressants and medications for prevention and relief of migraine. Women who do not take prescription drugs but suffer from the common aches, pains, and indigestion associated with pregnancy are similarly interested in finding relief without medication. Fortunately, acupuncture is a safe way to treat both chronic and acute conditions that can persist or arise during pregnancy.

While pregnant women may choose regular treatment throughout the term of pregnancy, we often see women seeking acupuncture only in the last two to three weeks prior to delivery. Women with a baby presenting in breech position, and at-risk mothers who have been scheduled for induction may come in for a visit with their partners, whom I instruct in the use of moxabustion for the pregnant patient on a daily basis until delivery. Treatment often greatly facilitates both of these conditions.

Post-partum fatigue, depression, or difficulty recovering from C-section are also helped with acupuncture treatment. If you are pregnant or know someone who is, consider the potential benefits of acupuncture in all stages of pregnancy.