Open Your Gate of Hope: Breathe!

Entry/Exit blocks are the failure of qi to flow from one meridian, or channel, to the following channel in the circulation of qi throughout the body. Diagnosed by reading the radial pulses, Entry/Exit blocks are expressed in mental and emotional distress.
One of the most common Exit/Entry blocks that I see is between the exit point on the Liver Channel, called Gate of Hope, and the entry point on the Lung Channel, called Middle or Central Palace. Gate of Hope lies near the upper border of the diaphragm muscle and Central Palace is on the chest in the groove below the ball and socket of the shoulder joint.
When qi fails to flow from Gate of Hope from the diaphragm up to the shoulder at Central Palace, their is a lack of hope or despair in manifesting one’s inspired vision. Lung dysfunction and upset digestion are likely symptoms. The Gate of Hope may be opened by cardiovascular exercise which keeps the diaphragm muscle moving, and side stretches and twists for the inter-costal muscles. Open Central Palace with chest openers by clasping the palms together behind the back or massaging the pectoral muscles… or a visit to your acupuncturist!