Winter Stillness- Water Element

Posted: December 20, 2017


The joys of the holiday season are tempered for many by the stresses it also may bring. The drop in temperature and sunlight, combined with an increase in family obligations can make the holiday season a time of stress for many. Following ancient tips for staying healthy in the winter, discussed in this newsletter, can make the holiday season happier and healthier for  you and your family.  I hope you will try Lindsay’s recipe for making ghee, below.  Used to fuel butter lamps in the far east, ghee is also a very nutritious source of fat.  


Light the Fire with Ghee

Water Element
The Season of Stillness, Courage, and Wisdom

Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada
Winter, which goes from the middle of November to the beginning of February on the Chinese calendar, is the season of Water element.
The Water element has strong associations with meditation and the power of cultivating wisdom through stillness and quietude. With wisdom we are able to make the most of our resources – our time, our money, and all expressions of our personal power.

When we are wise, we know what habits, foods, and activities nourish our energy and those are the habits, foods, and activities that we choose. Wisdom gives the courage to move forward when we do not want to, and the courage to remain still when our fear and anger may motivate us to react.

The Kidney Meridian
The Kidney meridian, also the yin channel that expresses the body’s Water element, is comprised of many acupuncture points that are named for our capacity to cultivate wisdom.  Spirit Seal, Spirit Burial Ground,  and Spirit Storehouse are three Kidney points found in the chest near the heart. These points may be needled to revive a depleted spirit that is reflected in a pervasive lack of purpose and interest in life, and eyes lacking a spark of vitality.
Kidney 6, called Illuminated Sea, is located below the inner ankle bone. It may be used to address panic, anxiety, and insomnia and has a calming effect that relaxes the chest. It is also used to treat the uterus and throat.
Build Your “Post-Heaven Qi”
Acupuncture theory contains many profound ideas regarding the maintenance and improvement of health. One of these is the concept of pre-Heaven and post-Heaven qi.

Housed in the kidneys, these two types of qi are present when we are born. Pre-Heaven qi is what we inherit from our parents and contains our greatest potentials, as well as the inherited weaknesses that will bear through the duration of our lives. It may be likened to a bank account that you are born with.

We also have post-Heaven qi. This is the qi, or energy, that we cultivate with diet, exercise, and spiritual practice. Those who enter the world with a large pre-Heaven qi “account,” if you will, may not be compelled to augment their post-Heaven qi. However, those of us who find our health wanting will be compelled to cultivate our post-Heaven qi.
For tips to support this kidney qi for strength and resilience this winter season CLICK HERE
Eat For Your Health:
Make Your Own Ghee
We all know that water seeks the lowest point. Likewise, winter is easily seen as the time of year with the lowest energy – the sun is at its lowest in the sky at this time, and the amount of daylight is at its least, as are the temperatures.
During winter time, foods should be easy to digest so they do not deplete energy when the light and heat of the season are low and energy is slow. Try adding warming digestive spices and healthy fats to your diet to fuel your fire this winter.
Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is a wonderful substance to enhance digestion and absorption of vital nutrients and healing properties of foods, spices and herbal medicine.
Follow the link to learn about the benefits of ghee and how to make it yourself