Summer-Increase Your Joy!

Posted: May 6, 2018


While summer begins the first week of May on the Chinese calendar, for me, summer in Columbia, Missouri begins after the second weekend in May when the University closes the spring semester. I love this time of year when the vibe of downtown lightens up, along with the traffic in the parking garages and coffee houses.   What do you most love about summer?  When does the season start for you? For many, this seasonal transition comes with difficulty sleeping, allergies, and sore muscles from sudden increase in outdoor activity.  Could it be time for your next acupuncture treatment?  I would love to see you!  

Why I decided to be an acupuncturist
A few weeks ago I attended the annual meeting of the Acupuncture Association of Missouri (AAM) in Kansas City. It was fun to see my colleagues from around the state and talk shop.
The continuing education brought back memories of my days in acupuncture school. At that time, the school was located halfway between Washington, DC and Baltimore. Treating inmates in the Baltimore jail was an essential part of my training as an acupuncturist. Here, I practiced point location, diagnosis, and needling. But the inmates taught me much more than that. It was here, at the Baltimore city jail, that my decision to study and practice acupuncture was most deeply confirmed.
The Fire Element: Warmth in Your Body, Your Relationships, and Your Heart
The heart is the organ most easily and often used as an emblem for the function of the Fire element in the body. Our physical warmth, cardiovascular health and the mobility of the neck and shoulders are governed by the four meridians that relate most directly to the Fire element: Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater, and Pericardium. These meridians (or channels) pass through the chest and through the arms to and from the fingers.
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Summer Tips
 Seasonal transitions, like the one we are in now, offer an opportunity to take advantage of the power of Five Element acupuncture to not only treat symptoms, but to truly optimize our health in body, mind, and in spirit.

In warm weather, heavy foods with lots of protein and fat can increase sluggishness, depression, mental fuzziness…

Cooking with warming spices brings heat to the surface of the body causing the body to sweat which creates a cooling effect.

Enjoy more raw and lightly cooked foods

Eat seasonal fruit and veggies.

Avoid iced drinks and only consume frozen foods (like ice cream) in moderation.

The seasonal tips page of my website provides more explanation
The Triple Heater Channel


This fire channel is responsible for body temperature regulation, giving it a possible relationship to thyroid function. Traveling through the neck, shoulder, elbow and fingers, the Triple Heater channel can be very useful in improving the function of these joints.  In conjunction with the Gall Bladder channel to which it has a very close relationship, the Triple Heater channel is often used to improve joint function in the lower body as well.
Circling the ear before ending at the temple, the Triple Heater is often used to address ear aches, facial nerve pain, and headaches.  The healthy flow of qi through this channel supports social ease and joy.