Autumn 2019-Season of Metal

Posted: October 30, 2018

Many of us are taking a big breath and a sigh of relief as the cooler weather opens our lungs and gets us looking forward to beautiful hikes in the crisp air and autumn leaves.  What do you love about the fall?  What do you like least?  I hope the tips linked to the articles here will remind your or give you some new ideas about how to enjoy this season to the fullest.  Be well!  Lynn

The Badlands by Dr. Char Adkins

At the beginning of each season I change the piece of art hanging in the waiting room of my office. During Autumn I display this photograph to represent the Metal element. Some of the attributes of Metal include the Lung and Large Intestine, reverence, and inspiration.  I think that image was a beautiful expression of those associations. The relative dryness of autumn, the display of rocky, mineral matter from the earth, and the austere beauty of this landscape resonate with the pristine and subdued energetic of Metal.  You might also perceive in this image, grief and the capacity for reverence which are the emotional and spiritual gifts of Metal.
Lynn’s Fall Tips
Keep the lungs breathing fully to support your immune system. Cardiovascular activity and yogic breathing exercises are helpful in keeping your lungs moving fully so that toxins are released completely and the lungs are able to absorb fresh air.
As we move out of summer into the cooler, dryer weather of fall, consider eating a diet that is in alignment with this seasonal shift. This will mean eating foods that are warm, spicier and well-cooked.
Many points are located on the neck, so protecting this area with a scarf or high-collar is helpful in preventing illness, especially if you are prone to colds and flu during cooler weather.

More Tips for Staying Healthy this Season

Taking In and Letting Go
 The lungs can suffer in the transition to colder and dryer atmosphere that occurs between summer and winter. The autumn is the season that resonates with the Metal element and is associated with this challenge to respiratory function. Grief and awe are the emotional energetic of this time, making autumn also a time when we may have heightened awareness of those things that we value as most essential, including the losses of loved ones as well as loss of our own most valued capacities. This awareness of what we most value also inspires us. Grief oppresses the lungs if we do not also find inspiration in recognizing the preciousness of what we have lost. Move through the lessons of grief by breathing fully and completely. Say yes to what is by welcoming breath deep into the body.

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Clear the Clutter 
In good order, Large Intestine qi unburdens the body, the mind, and the spirit, by releasing what is no longer serving health. A simple practice of clearing clutter from your home or office enhances well-being by promoting the movement of energy, or qi, through your environment, just as acupuncture does for the body. Click the two article links below to learn more.