August 2019-Earth Element

Posted: August 5, 2018

Columbia sees a great transformation every August as the sleepy summer ends and the influx of students winds back up into more hustle and bustle downtown.
This is the time when the Earth element is most taxed, as the Spleen and Stomach qi work to create transformation on many levels: transformation of food into nourishment, of fluids into lubricants in the body’s tissues.  If these transformation do not take place we may experience phlegm, skin eruptions, or heavy, fluid filled limbs or a heavy head.
Healthy Spleen and Stomach qi transform information into useful knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom.  Rumination, worry, difficulty taking in new information show up when these Earth energies are sluggish.
What is transforming in your body, your mind, your spirit?  Would you like to know how can acupuncture  help?  Read more, below!  best, Lynn