Needle-less Acupuncture: Treating children… and adults?

The pediatric acupuncture training that I attended last month focused on the use of Japanese, non-insertive techniques.   This kind of treatment uses shonishin which are non-insertive tools for very gentle tapping and rubbing of meridians and points. Not only is this very effective, but I have found that children really enjoy it.  A full-body treatment can be administered in as little as 15 minutes which also makes it ideal for kids who are too yang and active to lie still for the typical 35-45 minute treatment administered to most adults.

This training has expanded my repertoire of shonishin use.  A few adult patients have allowed me to practice some of my new skills as part of their treatment and have enjoyed both the relaxing and the energizing effects, surprised also by how effective such gentle tapping and rubbing can be.

Let me know at your next visit if you would like to experience shonishin and I would be happy to include it in your treatment.  Not only does this help me out in getting more practice, it is a nice way to experience even more of what Japanese acupuncture has to offer.