Moms and Kids- Acupuncture Can Treat Simultaneously

Given the increasing use of acupuncture for fertility as well as for treatment of pregnant women, it makes sense that acupuncture is also being used increasingly by the children of those same women.  In fact, the pediatric training I attended began with treating children in utero!  Monthly treatment for pregnant women can be just as supportive of the child as the mother during pregnancy.


Just as the Five Elements relate to the seasons of the year, phases of the day and cycles of our lives, they are also associated with the months of gestation.


Pregnant women often seek treatment for non-medicated treatment of symptoms – both those related to pregnancy, such as morning sickness, joint pain and swelling – and for symptoms that they cannot safely medicate while pregnant (e.g. migraine, depression and anxiety, musculoskeletal pain).


Some pregnant women choose treatment simply to optimize health during pregnancy.  Optimizing the health of the baby at the same time is just another benefit of treatment during pregnancy.