Metal: Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

Addictions to intense physical experiences such as sex, drugs, and even exercise and food, are recognized with in Five Element medicine as an imbalance in the Metal Element. Spiritual seekers use practices like meditation to experience an expansive awareness and connection with the greater energy of the universe. Without our spiritual connection fulfilled, it is easy to look to other mind-expanding or intense physical stimuli for a way to extend ourselves beyond the skin boundary. Acupuncture is one way to help us experience ourselves in harmony with the environment around us.

3-7AM is the time when energy channels, or meridians associated with Metal (Lung and Large Intestine) are in their ascendant. This is also the time when Christian monks, Hindu Swamis and meditators around the world choose to engage in spiritual practice that often includes breath work. It is interesting to note that the qi of the Lung meridian is in its ascedant from 3-5AM and the Large Intestine meridian is in its ascendant from 5-7AM. In addition, the healthy bowel movement during this time reflects the synchrony of the body with the natural flow of qi through the body.

Autumn is the season associated with Metal and is commonly recognized as the time when the veil between the material and spiritual words is thinnest. The nature of the holidays that occur in late October and early November reflect this: Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day.