Laughter, Fun, and Joy: Nourishing the Heart

The laughter, fun and joy in your life reflect the quality of your Fire element.  

1) Laughter is known to enhance the healing process for a host of disease as well as support the immune system for preventing illness. Laughing regularly is a vital part of your health. If you haven’t laughed in the past 24 hours, consider finding some jokes online, watching your favorite comedy or seeking the company of those friends who have a gift for light-heartedness!

2)  Fun is derived from activities that bring us pure enjoyment. Reflect on your own favorite ways to experience fun that nourishes your heart and inspires you to be your best or most authentic self. Make sure you engage in fun activities on a regular basis.

3) Joy can be quiet and solitary or boisterous and enjoyed with friends. Joy is the experience of the heart singing its own unique song. Honor that part of you that is like no other and experience true joy.