Eyes, Tongue, and the Heart

Pollock Heart, a painting by Missouri artist Chris McGee, exemplifies the dynamism of the Fire element. It hangs in the waiting room at our office because for me, it evokes clarity, brilliance and warmth- qualities that reflect the quality of the Fire element.

The quality of your Fire can be seen in your eyes- a bright light or twinkle in the eyes conveys the presence of a bright spirit in a person. The tip of the tongue is observed during the treatment to assess the Fire of the heart. A bright red tip and a small or narrow tip are indicative of excess Fire in the heart.

Eyes that are flirtatious, quickly engaged and then turned away reflect a seductive fire like a flickering flame- compelling but not sustained. Eyes that are joyful and able to return a prolonged gaze express a more stable Fire. What kind of fire do you see when you look in the mirror?