Extend The Benefit of Your Acupuncture Treatment

One of my favorite suggestions for extending the benefit of an acupuncture treatment is also effective in relaxing a stiff neck, improving digestion, boosting energy, countering menstrual cramps,  and clearing the mind.  How could one simple practice do all that?  And what is it?

Breathing into the Sea of Qi, also known as CV 6, a point about one and a half inches below the navel, is a taoist secret for improving your overall health.  Taoist masters meditate on this point and martial artists focus cultivation of their qi at this point.  This point increases physical stamina and addresses all the symptoms listed above.

To use this point in your own daily cultivation of good health, close your eyes and “look” at or feel this point below the navel.  Imagine that each breath you take acts like a bellows to ignite this energy, building this energy into a beautiful, fiery ball of qi.  If you have been fatigued for a long time, the skin over this point may feel cool or tight.  After breathing and meditating on this point for few minutes every day, this area should become warm and resilient.