Decision-Making and Planning: The Gall Bladder Meridian

Spring is a time for visioning our future. Some of us are good at creating a vision or having a goal, but not as good at actually manifesting these plans. In Five Element Theory, this is where the Gall Bladder comes in- to assist the Liver by strategizing ways to manifest the Liver’s long-term vision and goals. The ancient Chinese ideogram used to designate the gall bladder represents a scout on a cliff overlooking a large terrain. Once a course of direction is made clear by the Liver, the energy of the Gall Bladder is what helps us collect information, set agendas, make a schedule, and get us to our destination.
The location of the points on the Gall Bladder meridian are an expression of the capacity of this energy to mobilize us. Beginning at the eyes and traveling down the sides of the neck, this channel allows us to turn our head to take in broad perspective and see options. It continues down the torso and passes through the waist allowing us to change direction whenever we meet an obstacle and need to create a new path toward our goal. Flowing down the legs through the ankles and feet, the Gall Bladder qi catapults us into action!
Making lists of specific actionable items, strategizing and checking that your goals are in line with your overall motivation in life are some good ways to work with this energy.