Clearing Clutter: Feng Shui & the Metal Element

Large Intestine is the yang aspect of the Metal element. While the yin aspect, Lung, takes in, Large Intestine’s job is to let go, releasing what is no longer usable. Something that was once precious (food, a relationship, a book) may have lost its value after it’s been digested. Or, perhaps it simply decayed and is no longer fresh and nourishing. In good order, Large Intestine qi unburdens the body, the mind, and the spirit, by releasing what is no longer serving health.

     Feng Shui advice can vary a great deal among traditions, but on this one point they all agree: eliminating clutter is the single most important thing one can do to improve the health of an environment. Eliminating newpapers that are no longer current, perhaps ending relationships that are burdensome or toxic, and creating space by letting go of objects that are not used regularly are all examples of the the healthy flow of Large Intestine qi.
     I spent several hours last weekend purging closets, drawers and book cases of what were once favorite books, shirts, and useful items. Liberating myself of these items frees up more energy to focus on what is valuable to me right now. Drawers no longer crammed tight, make finding what I need easier. Finding places for books that have become stacked on table tops, removes precarious piles from becoming dangerous objects to be dropped on tender toes. Clear space, clear mind.