Autumn- The Season of Metal

At the beginning of each season I change the piece of art hanging in the waiting room of my office.  During Autumn I display a photograph of the Badlands, by photographer and medical doctor, Char Adkins, to represent the Metal element. Some of the attributes of Metal include the Lung and Large Intestine, reverence, and inspiration.  I think that image was a beautiful expression of those associations.  To my surprise, after the photographer learned that I wanted to use her photograph as an example of the qualities of Metal, Dr. Adkins pointed out that the rocks in the national park actually look like lung tissue!

The relative dryness of autumn, the display of rocky, mineral matter from the earth, and the austere beauty of this landscape resonate with the pristine and subdued energetic of Metal.  You might also perceive in this image, grief and the capacity for reverence which are the emotional and spiritual gifts of Metal.