3 Tips for Strengthening Your Wood Energy This Spring

1) Liberate the diaphragm muscle to allow smooth movement of breath and qi. The Liver meridian ends just below the diaphragm. Deep breathing and gentle yoga that includes twists and back bends will help release excess tension from the diaphragm.

2) Cardiovascular exercise will increase the range of motion of this important muscle.
Improve your creativity with books or music that are new to you. Make art to enjoy the creative process. Try new activities that challenge you mentally and physically. Broadening our perspectives in these ways can improve problem-solving and aid us in resolving conflict, good signs of healthy Wood qi.

3) Envision your long-term desires. What do you want to experience before you die? What kind of person do you want to be when your life ends? What kinds of people do you want to have in your life who are not already with you? Being guided by our deepest goals leads to strong and flexible Wood qi.