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"I began acupuncture treatment in hope of alleviating chronic pain stemming from an accident. Within just a few sessions, Lynn was able to completely free me from pain I'd endured for years, pain that traditional doctors could only mask with medications. Being pain free has allowed me to return to the active lifestyle I enjoyed before I was injured. Acupuncture treatments with Lynn have improved my physical, mental, and spiritual health and fitness; I've never been in better shape or enjoyed such a sense of total wellness."

Lena Liberman

Lynn is a terrific resource for wellness maintenance. She is wonderfully perceptive about her clients' needs, holistic in her approach and skillful in her practice. A visit with Lynn always leaves me feeling great.

Sheila Marsh

Lynn knows the source of the problem, almost instantly. I am amazed at her skill as a listener, the relief I get from acupuncture, and at her deep knowledge of the body.

Terry Marsh

I am very pleased with the results of Lynn's acupuncture treatments. After two years of nearly constant pain, I was willing to try anything!! Now I am completely pain-free. I would advise anyone with chronic pain to try the acupuncture treatment.

Randa Rawlins

Because the advisability of continued use of prescription arthritis medicines was questionable, I decided that I would search for another treatment to relieve my stiffness and pain. I had heard that acupuncture was one possible route. Admittedly I was skeptical that little needles would be my answer. In fact I mentioned the possibility with my physician who encouraged me to try acupuncture.

I have found that my sessions with Lynn Maloney have relieved my aches and dependency upon pain medications. In addition to discontinuing my pain medications, I have also noticed a change in my dependency upon allergy medications that I had taken year round.

Lynn is a well educated and licensed acupuncturist, and a personable dedicated practitioner.

Barbara Robinson

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