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Patient Testimonials

I feel very fortunate to have found Lynn Maloney, approximately 6 months after I survived a CVA (stroke). Lynn's treatments have helped me immensely in the relief of headaches and incontinence. I have grown to appreciate her professional knowledge and procedures as well as her friendliness.

Betty Gayle Smith

After months of not being able to control extreme pain with physical therapy and
narcotics I went to Lynn for my first acupuncture experience. Not only did the
acupuncture reduce my pain enough to come off narcotics, but I was also able to
abondon my regular use of acetaminophen for milder pain. I had been using
regular multiple daily doses of acetaminophen for over a decade. As a result of
acupuncture and continuation of my physical therapy, I have drastically reduced
my pain and thereby, dramatically increasing my daily activity and endurance. T

T. Valdes

I first went to see Lynn for treatment for a localized problem I was having with my shoulder, without even thinking about treatment for my other health conditions which included high blood pressure, rapid and arrhythmic heartbeat, and depression. As it turned out, over the course of treatment all of these conditions improved significantly, and during a relatively short period of time. I guess because I didn't know much about acupuncture, I was surprised by what happened and how much better I felt overall.

Name Withheld

I believe the success of the treatment had to do with Lynn's careful assessment and ability to really listen to my experience of how my body felt. I found her to be professional and clearly skilled at her work, while conveying a sense of caring which was very different than most of my experiences with health practitioners.

Name Withheld

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