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Breathe, Get Inspired, Connect with your Spirit: The Metal Element / Acupuncture Point: Lung 9

Posted: Sep 11th, 2012

We have entered the season of Metal, which may be my favorite of all the five elements.  Read below to learn about the yin aspect of Metal, associated with the lung.  Our next newsletter will feature the Large Intestine (capitalized to denote the holistic, Chinese concept, not the organ of that name), which expresses Metal's yang aspect.  Be well!

Breathe, Get Inspired, Connect with your Spirit: the Metal Element 


As the weather cools, the plants change color, the light in the sky changes, and we experience the transition from summer to autumn. Five Element theory associates autumn with the Metal element. You can think of the lung and large intestines as mascots for this element.  


The Lung (with a capital "L" denoting the holistic dimension of Lung qi, rather than a literal reference to the organ) is a yin emblem of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Metal. (Large Intestine represents the yang of Metal.) Our respiratory health, our mental capacity for inspiration, and our spiritual awareness of our connection to the greatest picture we can hold of life are all included in the power of Metal, and the Lung in particular.  


Nourish the Metal element within you this autumn by getting outside to appreciate the beauty of the fall colors, breathe deeply to invigorate the lungs, and reflect upon what you hold as most precious.



Acupuncture Point: Lung 9


Very Great Abyss is the name of the source point on the Lung meridian. It is used commonly in acupuncture treatments. Physically, it is used to nourish the function of the lungs. Mentally, it is useful in reconnecting us to our capacity to be inspired and can move us out of an oppressive grief or feeling that everything is rotten and into a willingness to be inspired once again. Spiritually, Very Great Abyss resonates with the great expansiveness of life and supports us in connecting us with that awareness.


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